Sell more with AI Shopping Assistant Chat PDP

Use AI to automatically anticipate and help shoppers to answer questions about your product
2%  Lift in revenue per session

Your AI sales assistant for each product page

Answer any product question

Clear customer concerns  inside the PDP& reduce  customer support queries

AI trained on your data

Train AI on your product catalogues, transactions, faq and customer queries

Get smarter over time

Automatically fine tune questions over time based on customer interactions
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Crystal clear product information, right at customers  fingertips using  Rootflo

Increase revenue per session

Customers can easily find the information they need about a product, more likely to purchase

Boost conversions

Improve conversions as customers get answers in seconds instead of hours

Better customer experience

Product questions are answered instantly and allow customers to ask any question

Reduced costs

AI handles repetitive Q&A, freeing staff for higher-value tasks.
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